Flexibility of the Balisong Knife

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The Balisong knife has a 4.25 inch blade and a handle that splits in two in order to accept the blade when it is not in use. This means that the knife is very versatile in so far as it can be opened and closed in a variety of different ways. A good Balisong knife must therefore be flexible and so must have very easy moving parts and because they do, in the right hands they can provide a very impressive display of ‘tricks’ which their rapid opening and closing have become known as. Of course these knives cannot give the display on their own, they need someone who is adept in their abilities and knows how to use them to their best effects, to complete the display.

Although these tricks can be learned, many people have suffered some serious cuts whilst trying to earn them and as a consequence, many States and countries have made the knives illegal, however this has not stopped people from learning the tricks only now most of them will learn the tricks with training Balisong Knives. These training knives, which you can find more about by going online tovisit thebladeguru.com, do not have sharp blades and so cannot hurt anyone learning the tricks of the Balisong and some people even make their own training Balisong by using Popsicle sticks. If you are somewhere where Balisong knives are legal, you may still want to practice the tricks with a training knife before you attempt them with the real thing.

The famous Filipino freedom fighter Jose Rizal has been associated with the Balisong knives but it is not known if he, whilst on a visit to Spain, carried one to show the Europeans or whether he got one there and carried it to the Philippines. Either way the balisong knife started to become popular in the Philippines with the knives being made in a region of the country called Balisung. With the similarity between the name of the knife and the name of the region, at least the name of the knives came from the Philippines if not the original knife. These types of knife are still made in that same region today but now they are also made elsewhere as well.

As with everything else, the cost of a new Balisong knife can vary depending on its style and brand name and also like many other things, the most expensive is not necessarily the best. This means that if you are going to buy one, it may be better that you have become proficient with them first as by then you should know what is needed in anew knife and you may even be able to try one before buying it. Although sometimes a Balisong knife may appear on Amazon and appear to be cheap, as they are widely illegal, if it is on Amazon, it will certainly only be a training knife and they are already cheap, perhaps only $10 for the cheapest.